Are You thinking About Getting Lip Fillers?


FAQ’s for lip fillers

Lip fillers; they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but ‘Lip Filler’ is one of the most Googled beauty search terms in the UK. A safe bet that a lot of you are at the very least a little curious. Are Lip Fillers For you?

Yes, lip fillers have a bit of a bad rep. But, that’s mostly down to a handful of celebrities that have taken their lip size beyond what anyone could possibly consider ‘natural’. In 2002, Men Behaving Badly star Lesley Ash suffered an incident that left her barely recognizable and a reluctant poster girl for lip fillers gone bad. Even now, 14-years on, her lips are still affected. But, to put this into perspective; Ash’s lips were injected with liquid silicone by the mother of a friend, a Venezuelan plastic surgeon. Thankfully, silicone – or permanent – lip fillers are a thing of the past in the UK.

Everyone has their own opinion on aesthetic treatments. What’s okay, what’s not, what justifies a treatment, what doesn’t. Sadly people are quick to criticise and label women who do indulge in a little ‘work’. Worse still, this judgement is usually dished out by other women.

Kylie Jenner – a member of arguably the most scrutinised family in the world – was so terrified of the inevitable judgey comments that she lied for months about her lip fillers though it was clear as day that she’d had a little, shall we say, enhancement. When she finally came clean on Keeping Up With The Kardashians she said: ‘I’m just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet, because everyone always picks us apart. People are so quick to judge me on everything.’

Are You thinking About Getting Lip Fillers?

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